Geneviève Langlois

About me

Toronto-based Geneviève Langlois is a talented Voice-Acting Director and Veteran Actress of the stage, screen and behind the microphone. 

For over three decades Geneviève continues to make a remarkable impact not only as a front-of camera Actress but also as the iconic voice and director behind numerous brands such as Revlon Canada, Labatt, Uniprix, Videotron, Mercedes Benz Canada, Toyota Canada, Chanel Canada, Schick Intuition, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Claritin and many more, broadcasted across Canada. 

Geneviève’s work on a diverse array of projects, consistently delivers unparalleled quality. Her skills and expertise combined with her dedication to precision and meticulous attention to detail has earned her the unwavering trust of esteemed clients in Montreal and Toronto.

Geneviève's versatility and love of the art shines through in her work as a Voice-Acting Director for numerous French projects. She is definitely an “Actor’s Director”. Her years of experience, technical skills and thorough understanding of the actor’s process immediately puts the actor at ease and quickly yielding to Geneviève’s directions within a safe and collaborative space; tailoring the actors’ voice performances to suit the intended audience and preserve the essence of the original content.


“Geneviève is one of the best French voice director I know. She understand what we are trying to achieve and knows how to get the best out of the talent. Each and every time. I definitively recommend her. It doesn’t hurt that Geneviève is a pleasure to work with.”
“Geneviève and I have been working together for 30 years on both sides of the sound booth.
Her incredible experience and talent as a French voice over artist, her Québecois born and raised background and her collaborative approach makes her, hands down, one of the best French voice directors to work with in Toronto.”
“It is a pleasure to witness Geneviève working through my text and/or script. She is very thorough in her analytical skills, asking precise questions resulting in the delivery and interpretation of the text and/or script exactly as how I imagined it when I wrote it.”


     Voice-Acting Director