Voice Studio


Voice Acting is acting in a category of its own. What the audience hears is the result of the meticulous work done by the Voice-Acting Director in guiding with the Actors’ delivery.

Be it narration, voice over, ADR or dubbing for a 15 second commercial spot or a full-length documentary the Voice-Acting Director ensures the Actor’s delivery is consistent with the subject matter and more importantly, the intended ambiance of the message and/or visuals.

The Voice-Acting Director is responsible for ensuring that balance is maintained between the Actor’s interpretations of the scripted text while setting clear parameters for consistent tone, pitch, cadence, voice texture and intent. The Voice-Acting Director manages the project from pre to post-production delivering the product within the mutually agreed upon time and budget.

Geneviève Langlois gets the job done

  • Industry experienced Bilingual Voice-Acting Director
  • Based in Toronto, Canada
  • Voice Acting for English and French
  • Casting for French-speaking talents
  • Specialty in various French accents (local and international)
  • Narration, Dubbing, Voice Acting, ADR
  • Movie, Television, Animation, Video Games, Commercial Productions
     Voice-Acting Director